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Next Generation of Lighthouse Lyrics Program

2001 was the pilot program for our new educational feature. 

This program continued in 2002 and looks to become an annual event. Working with musician Dan Hall, we enlisted various fourth grade classrooms to participate in a week long workshop.  Children were asked to research the history of a Great Lakes Lighthouse.  From there students worked with Dan Hall, 1 hour a day for a number of days to create the lyrics for a song about the lighthouse they researched.  Once the lyrics were set, they were put to music and the song rehearsed.  The children then performed the song during a community concert held on the opening day of the Great Lakes Lighthouse Festival.  Additionally, musical CD’s were created from the program for re-sale and as commemorative items for the children, who are all now published songwriters and singers.  The 2001 program was funded by a number of entities, with the largest funding being received from the Irwin Andrew Porter Foundation. Support for the 2002 program will include Michigan Humanities Council, Community Foundation for Northeast Michigan, National City Bank & Wal-Mart. Funding covered costs of the workshop, recording at each school, post-production activities to develop a musical CD, and development of a videography of the program (by Out Of The Blue Productions).  The video will be utilized to obtain future program funding.

For a copy of the CD, send check or money order in the amount of $10.00 plus $2.50 Shipping & Handling to:

GLLF – Lyrics & Learning Program
15391 Haverhill, Macomb, Mi 48044
Note:  $10.00 per copy, $2.50 S&H for up to 3 copies. 

For More Information Contact:

Great Lakes Lighthouse Festival – Grant Coordinator
15391 Haverhill, Macomb, Mi 48044
FAX: 989-358-9095

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