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Lighthouse Sponsorship’s


The Great Lakes Lighthouse Festival! Note:  Deadline of August 15th to sponsor current year festival.

Application in PDF Format.


The Great Lakes Lighthouse Festival is well aware of the economy around the Great Lakes and has adjusted its SPONSOR PROGRAM to make it more conducive to fit our goal and needs. We are calling the program the Festival’s “STIMULUS PACKAGE”, as referred to by our Government with helping and saving businesses, families, etc. in this economic downturn. The Great Lakes Lighthouse Festival is trying to save Lighthouses and we need your help. In return for your support, we can give back to your business the following ideas of promotion:

  • Prepaid admission tickets to the Thunder Bay Recreation Center
  • Prepaid admission tickets to the Festival’s MUSEUM
  • Free door prize tickets
  • Special recognition at the Great Lakes Lighthouse Festival
  • Advertising your business at the Festival with your help
  • Your Business information may be linked to our website
  • Free Festival Programs for your customers as handouts
  • IRS Tax Deduction non-profit # 38-3333981

Note: The more your business is able to give, the more the Festival will be able to give. The # inside the ( ) below denotes the # of tickets your business will receive.


( 2 ) Small Business Sponsor $20.00 ( 6 ) Single Business Sponsor $50.00 (10) Associate Bus. Sponsor $75.00 (20) Corporate Bus. Sponsor $100.00: (40) Proud Lighthouse Sponsor $250.00 (50) Major Lighthouse Supporter $500.00 (100) Regional Lighthouse Supporter $1000.00 (200) National Lighthouse Supporter $2500.00

Thank you for your consideration, and we hope that your decision is to HELP!

Please use this form to apply.

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